Mister Cream

A World to decorate

Prepare utterly delicious dressings in an instant way: with Cream Flavours Mister Cream it becomes much easier to transform desserts, shakes and coffee drinks into a masterpiece. The cream is offered in a range of 8 flavours to fulfil even the most specific requirements, this will allow you to change your presentations with the maximum freedom. The cream comes in 800 grams practical bottles with an exclusive drip-catcher lid that keeps the product perfectly preserved.
Cream Flavours Mister Cream is your perfect and secret ingredient your best and sweetest recipes.

Cream Flavours:
1. Dark fondant - Crunchy
2. White Chocolate
3. Hazelnut
4. Soft chocolate
5. White Chocolate with Nougat
6. Dark fondant
7. Honey
8. Coffee

Fruit Flavours Mister Cream are the most original and practical decorations for your cakes, ice creams and all sorts of different indulgences. The product comes in a selection of 2 different flavours, in 800 grams practical bottles with a special drip-catcher lid that keeps them perfectly sealed.
Fruit Flavours Mister Cream are tasty, delicate, velvety and enriched with fruit pieces and they are made using selected ingredients for excellent results.

Fruit Flavours:
1. Strawberry
2. Forrest Fruit