Mini-chocolate and ChocoCappuccinos

THE CHOCOCAPPUCCINOS, for a tasty Italian breakfast.
From the Eraclea creativity, declined in three souls of chocolate, are born the ChoccoCappuccinos: delicious and innovative chocolate cappuccino recipe that harmonises those fond of the soft delight of milk froth with chocolate lovers ... now breakfast will be the best moment of the day!

THE MINI-CHOCOLATE, for a quick break over the counter
Perhaps a tasty after-meal? Perhaps a quick and sweet break from the stress of the day? Perhaps an alternative to elaborated coffees? The Mini-Chocolates are the right answer to many questions: small and tasty, they enclose all the Eraclea quality and experience in a single cup yet decline in three souls: Dark, Milk and White.

Mini-chocolate and ChocoCappuccino TABLE SERVICE
The exclusive image of the Mini-Chocolate ChocoCappuccino table service, which winks to Italian breakfast, is composed of: counter painting, exhibitor, mugs, table inlay cards, gourmet set the Multi Mix machine.