• Mini-chocolate and Chococappuccinos: 2 great pleasures in a mini sachet
    October 2012
    Now, with a single sachet of chocolate, you can prepare two different products. Thanks to the mini chocolate sachets in three flavours (Fondant, Milk and White), you can prepare hot chocolate in small mugs to be savoured at the bar counter instead of a coffee or delicious, innovative Chococappuccinos made with chocolate, for an Italian breakfast even more tasty and suitable for children.
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  • From the Eraclea experience, 3 new ways to enjoy coffee with Ginseng
    October 2012
    Many offer a simple coffee with Ginseng. Eraclea extends its Piacere Espresso (Espresso Pleasures) range of products with 3 special recipes that allows choosing your own taste: Classico, energetic and malty, Double Cream, sweet and delicate, Premium with the most precious coffees and a high amount of ginseng, round and aromatic.?
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  • Now, not only barley, but also Eraclea BIO barley
    October 2012
    Natural and fragrant, barley is a pleasure suitable even for children and for those who prefer a healthy drink. Besides the traditional drink preparation, Eraclea now offers a certified organic one, even more natural and environmentally friendly.
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  • 6 delicious cakes become cream for you to melt with pleasure
    October 2012
    6 Italian pastries will delight you with a new soft, hot and creamy texture to savour with a spoon. Perfect for a break or to end your meal in sweetness, Cakes with Eraclea Custards are a snap to prepare, rich in fruit pieces just as in traditional recipes. Definitely worth trying.
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